Friday, March 07, 2008

Too Fun!

Watch out!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Long & Rich Couple Days

Wednesday & Thursday ... long days for me, but rich ones:

  • Wed. started way too early for me at 6:30 am. Chaplain's Meeting at 7:00, which is always a treat, to be with those guys.
  • Ran into a few other folks and spent the morning catching up on a some relationships at the PD.
  • Pastor's Prayer yesterday was packed! That's always a good thing. My weekly lunch afterward with a fellow Pastor was deep, and a strong time.
  • A nightly ritual, dressing Pete's wound, has become a profound thing.....the healing taking place in his leg is not just graphic, but a visual picture of how God knits us together physically. WOW!
  • Today, had lunch with a guy who is becoming a friend. He works with Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, helping to build the organization. We talked about my continued involvement as a Ministry Representative as the ministry grows. Exciting stuff!
  • Traffic was nasty on the 405 today, and it took way too long to get to my meeting. Someone's loss of a backyard apparently caused the problem.
  • Gave me a chance to catch up with Cathy Haedt by phone today though. That was good!
  • Tonight, I'll commend Michael Letinsky at a class he's teaching at NewHeart. He's a good man and a good brother!
  • Tomorrow morning, I'll meet with my "Pastor" and his wife. We're traveling together to New York April 7-13 for a couple days of touring, and then the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Pastors & Leaders Conference.
More to say later!