Saturday, March 17, 2007

Waiting ....

It's Saturday night, and I can hardly wait to bring tomorrow's message. We've been in a series called, "Turning Challenges Into Miracles." Based on a word the Lord gave us early this year that this would be a year of challenges, but also a year of miracles.

So much of life is made up of formulas...IF you do this, THEN this will happen... But I'm not sure that life is that way every day or most of the time.

Given that, I've been asking God to show us NOT some nifty formula for figuring out how WE can turn our challenges into miracles. Instead, I've been asking Him to show us what the components are to seeing HIM turn our challenges into miracles, because HE is the only One Who can do it anyways!

That said, two weeks ago, I was teaching on the topic of waiting on God. I had three points, but when I got the first two done, I was strongly impressed to WAIT to bring the third. I wasn't sure why. I just knew I was NOT to bring it then.

I hadn't necessarily gone long in my message. People seemed to be connecting. I can usually tell when you're done with my message. How? That's for another post.

For now, my additional thought was that the third point alone in a message is going to be pretty short! I know you're loving that! But hang on to your britches and slow on down now. I'm not giving it away right now, even though there probably aren't many reading this tonight anyway.

Tomorrow morning will NOT be our "typical" Sunday morning service. What do I mean by that? Well, I guess you're gonna have to WAIT to find out. ;^)

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Sherene said...

I'm looking forward to hearing this one. Although, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Todd Hacker's message. I could relate to much of what he said.
It's easy to get caught up in the formulas of life, that's for sure. I think we forget to just let God do what He does best and stop trying to make things fit our way.
Still enjoying all your posts. :-)