Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lent update

People have been asking me all week what I'm giving up for Lent. I've not been forthcoming with the information. Matter of fact, I've been pretty crabby about it. Please accept my apologies if you've borne the brunt of it!

I initially decided to give up Starbucks for Lent. Now, I'm a Starbucks fan, but not necessarily the kind that WON'T get my white mocha somewhere else if a non-Starbucks is all there is. However, I wasn't giving up Starbucks in a "I could go to Coffee Bean" kind of way.

The first day, I happened to be sipping on a cup of coffee from home. Don't drink it black anymore and hardly drink a non-espresso coffee at all. But that day I was.

As I was about half-way through enjoying it, I had an uneasy feeling. Not sick, just uneasy. I began to sense that the Lord wanted me to give up more than just Starbucks. Now, it's coffee altogether.

And hey, for me, it's not even the caffeine part of it. If decaf is available, that's what I go with. It's coffee altogether, and it's been harder than I thought!!

How about you. Wanna tell what you're giving up?

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Sherene said...

I can relate to the coffee comments. I gave up coffe for a fasting period one year and it was interesting. The Lord made it easy for me, but gave me a lot in return for me letting that go for a while. I have struggled with what to do for Lent and I came to the conclusion that I needed to be in the Word more and listen to it, not just read it. So, I've given up some of my time devoted to tv and radio, to spend time with God. He's put it on my heart that He wants more time with me and that listening to His word read is a good thing. For Ash Wed. I listened to the Bible all day, whenever I was plugged into my iPod or my computer. It was an enlightening experience.
Hang in there with the no coffee. He'll give you something extra and top it off with some restoration. (I'm studying Ps. 23, so I'm into being restored and refreshed.)