Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day 5

Had a late breakfast with Kerry and Gramps on their way to the airport, I left South Houston for Royse City at 12:45 pm CDT. It is now 2:25 pm and I just crossed the 2,000 mile mark. More later!


Dan S said...

Hey Paul, hopefully this will get through. It's been great being in the e-passenger seat on your trip. All is well here-abouts. (Johnny hasn't tried a take-over or anything, but he did talk a lot about you this morning.)The news about your dad is great, and we are expectantly praying for great news about your mom real soon. As for hurricanes, they can't touch you without your Fathers permission, and that's only if it's in his will. Praying for you and yours, Love, Dan

Pastor Paul said...

Thanks Dan! I appreciate the comment and your care and prayers.