Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Rainy Day In Texas

After a late night arrival and a good night's sleep, it's now been a rainy day here in Texas. The thunder I was hoping to experience has been somewhat common throughout the day, and I do love it!

I am currently writing from what my parents call my "second office" whenever I visit them. That would be Starbucks. Easy internet access and good coffee!

Found out today that I will depart Thursday (instead of Wednesday) and return home Saturday (instead of Friday). Aunt Margaret is only available for a visit on Friday. That'll work out OK. However, I will relocate my "second office" to the Rockwall Library tomorrow so I can get Sunday's message at least MOSTLY prepared since I am now a day behind.

I will also get to spend tomorrow evening with my brother and his wife. They left yesterday morning for a visit with my sister-in-law's family and will return tomorrow afternoon. So it all works out well.

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Kelli said...


I couldn't find an email link, so I'm leaving this in comments.

I was wondering if you and Patty still kept in touch.

We all went to COTW together in high school, and I found you through TIm Mossholder.

It's been a joy to keep up with you, knowing you are still at New Heart.

Kelli Rush-Bach