Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Family Reunited

After a really good night of sleep, I awoke this morning to a flat tire! Apparently took a nail sometime yesterday and developed a slow leak. Fortunately, my brother, Steve, has spent the last couple years in his mechanic career specializing in tires and suspensions. UNfortunately, the nail was right at the joint of the tread and the side wall of the tire (more in the sidewall than the tread), which makes for an unrepairable tire.

He received a call last night from the Rockwall Dodge dealership in response to his application there, and they set him up with an interview at 2:00 this afternoon. While Dad and Steve's wife, Danielle, went to DFW airport to pick up my sister, April, Steve went on his interview. I mowed Mom & Dad's lawn. With the heat and humidity, I think I caught up on my last few months of missed workouts!!

Steve's interview went well (he awaits return of the obligatory drug testing), April arrived in good spirits, and we all spent the evening at Casa Miguel, a Rockwall Tex/Mex restaurant that operates out of an old house with great food.

An additional and very deeply sentimental feature of this restaurant is their Rockwall sports memorabilia, which includes our older brother, Leroy's, Rockwall High School Letterman's jacket and an 8x10 of his football picture.

Some may not have heard of Leroy, who passed away in 1994. More on him later.

After a great dinner, here I am at my second office getting a few needed things taken care of, including updating you. A few have posted comments letting me know they're traveling with me in spirit. If you haven't yet, please do!


Stephen Collester said...

Howdy Paul, Yvette and I are enjoying your blog posts and are following your hourney with you. I have link in my menu bar and the browser lets me know when there's a new post, and I always click on it as soon as I see it.. so it really IS like I'm right there with you :-)

Have a great time and we are praying for you and your family.

Ela said...

Hi Paul,

You won't remember me but I was your neighbor back in 1970, 71 and part of 72. We lived on Dulong. My mom is a friend of your mom's. I'm Manuela, my sisters are Diana and Christina and my mom is Ursula. I was a good friend of your brother Leroy. At the time we called him Renee. He was such a sweetie. I'm sorry that I lost contact with him. Please tell your mom that we're all thinking of her. She's in our prayers. Please give her a big hug from me. Take care and God Bless.

Ela (Manuela)

Pastor Paul said...

Stephen ... THANKS for coming along, and I so appreciate the prayers!

Pastor Paul said...

Ela ... Thanks for letting me know you're here. I will catch you via email too!